Introduction to Lanngo age-set

Lanngo youth with scarifications of AK-47s, to reflect his sub-group. Kong Kong River, Pibor May 2015

By Lauryen Oleyo Langgo age-set is one of the Murle age-sets that emerged from Bothothnya age-set in 2005. Langgo age-set started first from Irit village in Greater Kubal region (Gumuruk County) and spread to other bomas within Greater Kubal up to 2007. They were firstknown as Nuknuknya and later changed their name to Langgo. The… Continue reading Introduction to Lanngo age-set

Introduction to Bothothnya age-set

By Lauryen Oleyo Bothothnya age-set first emerged in 1999/2000 and spread through Greater Pibor over those years eventually reaching the last place of Boma in 2006. The idea of forming a new age-set was first discussed secretly in 1998 by some of the younger members of the younger part of Titi, known as Jiri, from… Continue reading Introduction to Bothothnya age-set

Introduction to Kurenen age-set

By Lauryen Oleyo Kurenen (meaning deer in Murle) are currently the youngest age-set in Murle that emerged in 2013/14 in Kongor and spread to other areas and was eventually accepted in Pibor 2017. They are not yet present in Boma. The age-set chose the giraffe (Thagot) as their token animal, for its beauty, humility and… Continue reading Introduction to Kurenen age-set

Laango age-set dance

This video clip shows a small group of boys and young men from the Laango age-set dancing in a cattle-camp along the Kong-Kong River, Pibor county May 2015. This video is not the popular style of Murle dancing, nor do Laango themselves often dance this way. This dance style is used along with a song… Continue reading Laango age-set dance