Murle Cultural Heritage in South Sudan

Documenting and showcasing Murle Cultural Heritage

Welcome to the website showcasing and promoting the cultural heritage of the Murle people of South Sudan, through annotated imagery and sound.

This website is about keer ci Murlo – Murle culture. It is intended to offer a space for learning about Murle tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and a space to hold a conversation about these in an accessible way.

Through the angle of the Murle age-sets, it showcases annotated photographs, audio and video recordings of Murle songs, dance, oral histories and scarification practices, as well as other socio-cultural dimensions, discussing how these have been changing, adapting and reflect connections to a global world.

The website was launched in April 2022 and the aim is to continuously update it with new material and posts by different contributors. It is a product of a larger academic research project funded by the British Academy on youth and age-sets in Greater Pibor, by Diana Felix da Costa.

Man with facial scarification
Photograph of a Murle man with facial scarification and beaded hoops from Dorongwa age-set, by Jon Arensen, Pibor circa early 1980s.
Song by Kadila Kelega about her white cow who ensures her children survive the harsh dry season, recorded by Diana Felix da Costa in Kongor May 2015.
Photograph of a young girl with beads from Muden age-set and facial scarification, by Jon Arensen, Pibor circa early 1980s.

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