Navigating the complex webs of Murle authority in Pibor: conflict sensitivity considerations for aid actors

This blog piece, co-authored by Diana Felix da Costa and Gola Boyoi Gola and published in the Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility South Sudan, explores social institutions and authorities among Murle community.

The blog finds that Murle authority consists of the three complex layers of the key social institutions, such as the age-sets, the clans and the spiritual authority of the red chiefs, as well as other informal positions with influence in society. Finally, the blog provides recommendations on how aid agencies operating in the area can avoid causing conflict by spreading negative stereotypes or undermining local authorities.

Press the link to read the full piece.

Red chief Barchoch LualĀ (pictured above) from Thangajon drumship was until his passing on 6 December 2021 the most senior red chief in Murle society (photograph taken in February 2020, Likuangole, by Ragnhild Gylver).

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