Chief Ngantho on origins of red chiefs and Ngaroti clan

Post prepared by Johnson Kengen

Ababal guzul zɔna ee aze guzul zarɛ
Akun rɛna ee akunai zɛɛm ci baba ee bal azi baba nɛ alam guzul ci loro o baba nyumur ee anyek kidoŋ korok o tobak kidoŋ cava

This song, by the late paramount chief Ngantho Kavula from Dorongwa age-set, is about a hyena that has no regular steps and doesn’t know how to walk in the grasses. It is also about protecting the red chief drum by making local shoes for ourselves in case of any attack, we are ready to protect. It finishes by cursing the hyena to get hit on her neck by a spear.

Below is the full recording where the chief narrates how the leadership of alan ci merik (red chiefs, spiritual leaders) begun and why there is the name ‘Ngaroti’, the second clan in Murle.

(Interview recordings by Stone Michael and Diana Felix da Costa 28/06/2013 in Khor William, Juba. Transcription, translation, analysis and post prepared by Johnson Kengen).

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